Fishing Highlight August 8, 2013

  John Morrison from the shore at Lake George on August 8, 2013  27 1/2 inches,  8 3/4 lbs, on gold and red #503 Super Duper Visiting from Venice, CA

Fishing Highlight August 24 2013

Cameron Chernobieff caught this 23″, 5-3/4 pound Alpers rainbow at Lake Mary using night crawlers on August 24, 2013    

Crowley Lake Trolling Report

9-24-12 Each of the last 6 days on the water have produced big browns. Fish in the 20-22 inch length are becoming a regularity. Sunday the 23rd clients landed 7 fish over 18” out of the 20 fish landed. The days are getting shorter and the water temp is dropping to the lower 60s. All good signs for an epic fall. Water depths are really low, so be careful if you are considering running out [...]

Two Great Days On the River


The Coleman’s and the Rogers boys on the river with Kittredge guide Steve Curran. Day 1: The Coleman’s had a excellent morning fishing at Hot Creek. All three were new comers to fly fishing and were casting like veterans before they knew it. 15 year old Kyle started it off with a nice brown for his first fish on the fly and then 12 year old Max caught up quickly, hooking a number of fish [...]

Kittredge Guide Trip Report From Steve Curran


Tony Geist of Escondido picked up a fly rod for the first time in 15 years and proceeded to have the “best day of trout fishing in his life”. Catching his largest trout ever and hooking more fish than we could count on both nymphs and dry flies. He was so happy with his half day trip that he started a YELP page for Kittredge fishing guide Steve Curran. The fishing is really good right [...]

A Fishing Obsession


As the 2012 fishing season gets into full swing and the weather warms up, there is an increased level of anticipation that it will be another year of great fishing memories. Today, as I was walking along Hot Creek, enjoying one of my favorite fishing spots, I couldn’t help thinking how blessed I am. I live in the Eastern Sierra, I’m able to fish some of the best fisheries in the Western US, and work [...]

The Ten Great Misconceptions about Fly Fishing

Fly Fishing Director Chris Leonard in action

The Ten Great Misconceptions about Fly Fishing by Chris Leonard From the outsider’s perspective, fly fishing is a mystifying sport. There is angler, standing thigh-deep with waders in running water, completely oblivious to the world around him or her. “Why would anyone want to spend all that time simply trying to catch fish?” they ask. While there are plenty of non-angling folk who perceive it as mundane and humdrum, there exists a small number of [...]