Ski Reviews

Whats the deal with Powder Rocker Skis?


Well skiers and boarders it looks as if the snow gods are finally answering our prayers, whether seeing our snow dances, or catching a glimpse of our ski/board bonfires. All weather charts are calling for unsettled weather through the middle of next week and a predicted 4-8 feet by the time everything is said and done So this means it’s time to pull yourself away from the Weather Channel and your online weather site and [...]

The Pepsi Challenge, The Ski Version


Part1: Elan vs Volkl (Mantra vs. Spire) Everything about these two skis is similar. Both are 98mm wide with metal laminate constructions using thin layers of aluminum and an aluminum top sheet. On the snow the similarities are obvious. Both skis define “versatile” by offering superlative performance in almost any imaginable snow condition. Of course there are quicker sticks for rutline bumps, and the bigger more rockered platforms for bottomless pow, but both the Spire [...]