Snow Conditions

Snow Condition Update – 2/5/2013

Dave's Run

I’m just going to call this snow condition update the Mammoth Mountain wind buff report for 2/5 and 2/6. The wind has changed directions and the Mother Nature working her magic all over the mountain. I wouldn’t say it’s consistent across the entire mountain, but if you search you can find consistent lines from top to bottom.  Dave’s is always a sure fire winner when you get this kind of wind, but you have to choose [...]

Snow Condition Update – 1/26/2013

Well as one system rolls out, we have another one rolling in.  The last system left 4-8 inches of creamy new snow on MammothMountain. The system came in cold and left a little wet which allowed the snow to stick to the existing base and from mid mountain up felt bottomless. Chair 3 and 5 had a consistent fresh velvet layer that was fun and fast on the face runs. The top was fairly consistent [...]

Snow Condition Update – 12/11/2012

A little love from the windbuff gods in the Avy chutes this morning!

With a winter storm approaching on the horizon, the winds are kicking in on the mountain. Windbuff snow can be found all over the mountain today. I found myself playing around on the Avy chutes off of 22. But I began to hear of other places around the mountain that was seeing the same soft chalky conditions. Upper dry creek next to Climax, signline off of Climax and the hump in between the Wipeouts and [...]

Snow Conditions Update – 12/6/2012

Looking down at Avy 2. You don't see it much more filled in than this. Dec 3rd amazing windbuff top to bottom.

The last little system is blowing out and Mammoth Mountain stands stacked with snow! The skiing is amazing, and Friday December 7th (will prove that we have not only the best conditions in the nation but also the most snow in the nation) when Mammoth opens 100% of the mountain. That last big system dumped 4-6′ of wet heavy snow on the mountain. What does that mean? The top holds nothing but windbuff snow from [...]