Snow Condition Update – 1/26/2013

Well as one system rolls out, we have another one rolling in.  The last system left 4-8 inches of creamy new snow on MammothMountain. The system came in cold and left a little wet which allowed the snow to stick to the existing base and from mid mountain up felt bottomless.

Chair 3 and 5 had a consistent fresh velvet layer that was fun and fast on the face runs. The top was fairly consistent but had some deeper pockets.

It’s great to see the off piste terrain with a new layer of snow. The existing conditions were fun and fast as well, but wow, it is a welcomed sight to see new snow, and you can see it in the faces of the skiers and snowboarders.

Stashes can still be found in the trees, but I’d search from mid mountain and up. Though the lower mountains groomers are as good as they come , the off piste got a little wet and set up. It looks as if the snow just peeled off of the existing base. They’re still fun conditions but the better snow is up higher.

Skiers’ Choice.

Groomers: Back for More off of 22.  Ski of choice is the Volkl V Werks

All Mountain: Chairs 3 and 5 or the backside will have awesome on and off piste conditions. Try to work the tree lines.  Ski of choice is K2 Side Show

If your views of groomers is what gets you to the chairs that will get you into the off piste conditions, Climax, either sign line or upper dry. Sneak into Huevos for some nice fast turns or the Paranoids. It might look choppy but you’ll push right through it with the right boards!  Ski of choice: K2 Petitor or Line’s Mr Pollards Opus

So get out there and find some good lines, and we want to hear about them! Drop by our demo center and we’ll get you set up on the right gear for whatever on hill adventure you’re looking for.

Ray McMillian



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