Snow Condition Update – 2/5/2013

Dave's RunI’m just going to call this snow condition update the Mammoth Mountain wind buff report for 2/5 and 2/6. The wind has changed directions and the Mother Nature working her magic all over the mountain. I wouldn’t say it’s consistent across the entire mountain, but if you search you can find consistent lines from top to bottom. 

Dave’s is always a sure fire winner when you get this kind of wind, but you have to choose the right line. If you choose the wrong line you’ll find wind stripped bumps, but the right line will consist of nice chalky snow ranging in a couple inches of smooth wind cream. I heard reports of Cornice, Chair Five, and Chair 3 having similar top to bottom wind sugar. So there are options depending on your ability to find fun, soft snow conditions.

Temperatures are falling with this next little system expected to hit us starting Thursday evening.  2-5 inches is expected over night with unsettle weather through Saturday.

So the conditions are going to be awesome!

The skis of choice if you’re skiing off of 3, 5 or the mid mountain area:
Volkl RTM 84
Élan 888

The skis of choice if you’re skiing off of the top and staying off of the groom:
K2 Side Seth
Elan Domino
Blizzard Bonifide

Pop into our demo show and let us put you into the right gear for the day. If you already have the right gear come in and have our professional repair staff put a nice iron wax or hot box treatment to keep you gliding out on the hill!

We’ll see you out there!

Kittredge Sports Pro Staff


Footage from MJB’s, West Bowl, Dave’s Run and China Bowl. Video shot on 2/5/2013.

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