Crowley Lake Trolling Report

Report by Don Meier. A Kittredge Sports Guide (760-934-7566) and  CPR Guide Service (760-784-1524)

Crowley Lake Map

Trolling Report June 20, 2017
Most outstanding area lately has been the 395 side of McGee Bay in the 28-35 foot water putting the lures down between 24-28 feet. Best lures have consistently been the Tasmanians in green patterns with the rainbow color minnow lures coming in second place. In this area you need to check your lures often as the stringy weeds being brought up by the perch fishermen with their anchors inside are everywhere. If you cannot keep your lures clean don’t be afraid to try the deep water as the fish are out deep also. Water level still coming up but hope it continues.


Trolling Report June 8, 2017
Yahoo the lake is coming up with incoming water. Even with the full moon the fishing is great. Areas to explore are McGee bay, Alligator Point, and outside the harbor. Today the fishing in McGee was off the hook out in the 30 foot water putting lures down 24 feet. Both Cutts and Browns attacked the lures with an occasional rainbow. Best lures were the frog colored Tasmanians in green red and pink. The minnow lures also worked mostly in rainbow imitations. Up in the north end the bite is instant but mostly small fish. Outside Christmas Bay is another area to explore. With the lake coming up expect the fishing to improve to the wide open status.


Trolling Report May 28, 2017
Great weather and turnout for the Memorial Weekend and the fish celebrated also. Several areas standout. McGee Bay on both the stormy flats side and the 395 side were good. Inside on the stormy flats side the fish were in the 12-18 foot water and the lures needed to be right next to the bottom. On the 395 side out in the 25-30 foot water the fish responded  to the lures down 20-24 feet. Also instabite up in the north end but mostly small browns. Best lures continued to be the Tasmanians in various frog colors and Rapala type minnow lures in rainbow imitations. Still watch out for the island high spots and give them a wide berth.


Trolling Report May 18, 2017
Since the beginning of the season the fishing has changed for the better, but changed in tactic. The fish have moved out a little and every day is a little different. Latey the best fishing has been in the deeper water around the 25-32 foot water putting the lures down 20-24 feet. Areas that have produced have been from Christmas Bay towards Alligator and McGee both on  the Stormy Flats side and the 395 side. Sometimes it is a Tasmanian bite and other times it is a minnow bite so the Rapalas and others really work. For the Tasmanians keep switching till you find a good one and the Rapalas/minnow colors should imitate rainbows. Frog colors of Tasmanians is where you should start. Great day last Thurs with 15 quality fish in 2 hrs. Good weather and fishing so get up here and join us. ps again   pay attention to the islands and the water close to them. Water level is low and possible boating accidents can happen. GIVE THEM A WIDE BERTH. We should see rising levels soon as warm temps are predicted and even some dangerous flooding coming out of the mountains. Most snow I have seen in the big mountains in 46 years living here.


Trolling Report May 7, 2017
Great weather and turnout for the opener. Depending how you were approaching the fishing it was either great or kind of on the tough side. Bright and shiny seemed to be the best way. Our natural colored lures that normally we would have out did not work nearly as well as bright stuff. Tons of small recently put in browns up in the 6 bays area but not much size. McGee bay on both the 395 side and the Stormy Flats side are giving up some quality fish both Cutts and Browns. Opening day big fish were Cutts. I have had luck in water from 13-22 feet always with the lures close to the bottom. Various stuff working from Rapalas, Tasmanians, to spoons like Thomas Bouyants and Little Cleos. Not up to our regular Crowley standards but tons of fish on the meters and they will break loose any time