Crowley Lake Trolling Report


Crowley Lake Map

Trolling Report June 30, 2016
Welcome to the 4th weekend. The trolling has been as tough as it gets to very good.  
The very best areas have been both sides of McGee Bay. Both the Stormy Flats area and
off the campground. The fish are not as deep as you think although they can be caught
out in the deep water. My best results have been in the 25 to 35 foot water putting the
lures down 20-24 feet. Early and late is key. Sounds like a broken record but the best
lures have been Tasmanians in frog patterns and Rapalas in rainbow colors. There is a
new Rapala rainbow color that works and looks just like a pattern I have been making on
silver and black for years. Remember don’t leave fish to find fish and fish where the
fish are. Believe in your electronics.  Don Meier  CPR Guiodeservice  750 784 1524


Trolling Report October 7, 2015
The Browns are showing.  The North end has been the place to be
lately. From Christmas Bay all the way past Leighton and across
to 6 Bays and the North Landing Bay have been holding Browns. 
Lures working have been the Thomas Bouyant spoons, Rapalas in
size 7 and 9 floaters, and the Tasmanians.  Normally I have a
frog pattern on the Tasmanians and Bouy-ants and rainbow or black
and silver for the Rapalas.  The fish are not as oriented to the
bottom as past weeks but are in various depths in the 16-24 foot
water.  Trophy guys still need to think about the harbor area and
deep water towards the dam.  Rapalas in the 11-18 size and Rainbow
or black and silver should be the choice.  Water temp is around 60
degrees and should be dropping with the shorter days.   
Don Meier  CPR Guideservice  760 784 1524 




Between the warm water, daphnia and the early high winds the trolling has
been pretty tough lately. Best area for the trout has been outside the
midgers up towards Greenbanks and out in the middle between Leighton and 6
Bays. Lures need to hug the bottom in any depth you are trolling.Other
areas worth a look are the Hiltons outside the weed lines, and the shelf
near the harbor on the way to Beaver Cove. Size 9 floating Rapalas in black
and silver and rainbow colors have been best and as always the frog
Tasmanians are good choices. The perch are still another choice up off 6
Bays and the North lLanding areas using small Rapalas and Rebels with
slooow boat speeds putting the lures down 10-15 feet. Not to worry some of
the best fishing of the year is still coming up in the fall.


The best trolling option continues to be the perch. Really slow boat speeds
and small brokenback Rapalas and Rebels along with small crankbait lures
are working. The trout have been mesmerized by the daphnia and they run  in
and attack the baby perch early and late otherwise they are out in the
colder water. You would think the deep trolling for the trout would work
but not for me. I am taking guidetrips up to the alpine lakes right now but
will keep an eye on Crowley as the quality of the Crowley fish is so much
better that I will be at least one day per week  checking it out. For the
perch you only need to be down 10-15 feet and the best area has been the
north end from Alligator toward North Landing.
Don Meier  CPR Guideservice 760 784 1524


Right now the best trolling happens to be for the perch. Slow boat speeds
with small minnow and crankbait lures down 10-15 feet up in the north end
and lots of areas in McGee outside the weedbeds and out in the deeper water
also. The trout move all around and seem to be keyed on the daphnia and
small perch fry. I have been relatively successful out from Leighton in the
middle putting lures down 20 feet in the 25 28 foot water. Early morning
trolling should probably be best in the 20-24 foot water outside the many
weedlines in Hilton and McGee. Water is still nice and clear with little
algae problem. Barbless season right around the corner. Do a good job
pinching the barbs or get a small battery dremel tool as the wardens do not
think it is funny to have any barb at all.


The lake is acting like the middle of summer except the water is really
clear without any algae.  Best times are early and late, and the fish
are down pretty deep.  I have been putting lures down 24-28 feet in
30-40 feet of water in McGee Bay.  I have heard of great trolling over
by the Chalk Bluffs also.  Same depths for the lures, but in deeper water,
up to 50 feet deep.  The quality of the fish is fantastic with 2.5-5 lb
fish very common.  Both the browns and the cutts are cooperating with the
occasional bruiser rainbow to battle with.  Best lures have been various
Taasmanians, easiest lures to get deep with leadcore.  Downrigger guys will
have no problem getting various lures to the fish.  Should be a great 4th
weekend.  Don Meier, Kittredge sports