Hi, I have been a resident of Mammoth lakes for 37 years. My passion has always been fishing whether on the salt or at home in the Eastern Sierras. Like a lot of us, we move to the Sierras for the skiing and winters, and end up staying for the other three seasons. My professional background has been with Mammoth Mt as a dept manager in the Rental and Repair areas. Presently in the winter I am the Rental and Repair mgr for Kittredges.

This position has made it possible for me to move my focus to catch and release trout fishing for the spring, summer and fall seasons.

My passion for 30 plus years has been trolling for large brown trout. I concentrate on Crowley Lake, Bridgeport Reservoir, Convict and Lake Mary. Also, for the last few years I have been concentrating on still water nymphing on Crowley and Bridgeport Res. I thoroughly beleive catch and release is the only way to go for our sometimes overfished reservoirs, lakes and streams. Photographs are the way to remember fabulous fish and memorable trips.

Lake trips I take will include all tackle needed, my Alumaweld Intruder boat with 60 hp. 4 stroke Merc., all the electronics needed and Olympus digital camera. I enjoy making new friends, teaching kids (young and old), and spending time on the water searching for trophies and personal best catches. I learned my lesson last year to always have a camera available when I took my 80+ yr old father on Crowley and got him into 4 lb. plus Rainbows, Browns and Cutthroats in one day and had left the camera at home. Sure could have paid him back come Christmas and b-day with memorable photos for all the fun times he provided when I was growing up on trips to the Sierras.

I look forward to helping provide memories and personal bests to future friends.

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