Fish Report for MAY 23, 2020

Trout Season Update:  As of May 22, 2020 (at midnight) restrictions for Mono County will expire, in response to requests from the Mono County Board of Supervisors. Fishing can resume on May 23, 2020
Please see memo: Memo from Director Bonham regarding Mono County (5/22/20) (PDF)
Fishing Regulations (In addition to this website, fishing closure information can be obtained by calling the Fishing Closure Hotline at (916) 445-7600)

Bridgeport Reservoir:

Fly Anglers: Use Midges and small Streamers.
Troll: Rapalas, Thomas Bouyants, Needlefish, Tasmanian Devils.

Convict Lake:

Fly Anglers: Streamers, like green or brown Wooly Buggers. Soft hackle nymphs. Look for a midge hatch early morning and late evening in sheltered areas.
Spin & Bait: Try Thomas Bouyants, Tasmanian Devils, Power Worms, Night Crawlers, Garlic or Yellow Power Bait, Salmon Peach Power Bait, Garlic Infused Worms.

Crowley Lake:

Fly Anglers: Strip Hornberg, Gray Ghost and Wooly Buggers. Midging around the weed beds that are starting to form can work well.
Spin:  Thomas Bouyants, Rapalas.        
Last Saturday in Apr. through July 31: general regulations.
Troll: 4-5 colors; Tasmanian Devils.

East Walker River:

USGS Current Discharge Conditions; Be careful in and around the river!
Look for back eddies and pocket water where you can get nymphs deep.

Fly Anglers: Disco Midge, WD40, Zebra Midge, Griffiths Gnat, Parachute Adams, Trico, Sprout Baetis, BWO Emergers, Wooly Buggers.

Grant Lake:

Spin & Bait: Any Garlic Powerbait, Power Worms, Gulp Eggs, Garlic Infused Worms, Inflated Night Crawlers.
Troll: Tasmanian Devils, Needlefish, Rapalas, Thomas Bouyants.

Gull Lake:

Fly Anglers: Wooly Buggers, Hornberg.
Spin: Thomas Bouyants, Kastmasters, Mepps, Panther Martins, Tasmanian Devils, Needlefish,Nite Crawlers, Power Worms.

Hot Creek:

LADWP Current Discharge Conditions
The spring run off makes fishing difficult. High water brings out Yellow Sallie stoneflies. Small Stimulators or Yellow Sallie patterns would be your best bet.

Preferred Flies: Yellow Stimulator, Yellow Sallie, BWO’s, Elk Hair Caddis, Parachute Adams. WD40’s, Copper Johns, RS2 Emerger and Caddis Emergers, Baetis Nymphs,Sprout Baetis.

June Lake:

Fly Anglers: Wooly Bugger, Matuka, Hornberg, Grey Ghost.
Spin & Bait: Try Garlc Powerbait, Power Worms, Night Crawlers,Garlic Infused Worms, Thomas Bouyants, Panther Martins, Super Dupers, Tasmanian Devils, Needlefish.

Lake George:

Fly Anglers: Wooly Buggers green and black, soft hackle nymph
Spin & Bait: Powerbait, Night Crawlers, Garlic Infused Worms, Thomas Bouyants, Kastmasters

Lake Mamie:

Fly Anglers: Wooly Buggers, hale bop Leech, Twin Lake Special
Spin & Bait:
Night Crawlers, Garlic Infused Worms, Powerworm, Sierra Slammers jig, Mepps, Panther Martin.

Lake Mary:

Fly Anglers: Olive and black Wooly Buggers or Matukas, Twin Lake Special, soft hackle nymphs
Spin & Bait: Powerbait, Night Crawlers,Garlic Infused Worms, Powerworms, Thomas Bouyants, Kastmasters

Lee Vining Creek:

Use small spinners like Panther Martins, Rooster Tails and Mepps, also Sierra Slammer Jig , and Salmon Eggs.

Lower Owens River:

Pleasant Valley:
Spin & Bait: Garlic Powerbait, Night Crawlers, Panther Martins, Mepps, Roostertails, Trout Teasers.
Pinch your barbs below the footbridge; ZERO Fish Limit
LADWP Current Discharge Conditions
Fly Anglers: WD40’s or small Epoxy Baetis with a attractor pattern to get their attention
Lures: Spinners with pinched barbs

Mammoth Creek:

Spin & Bait: Salmon Eggs, small spinners like Mepps, Roostertails and Panther Martins.:

Owens River (Benton Crossing Down):

From Bridge to the fishing monument Opens the Saturday preceding Memorial Day through Sept. 30; Downstream of the fishing monument same regulations as Crowley Lake. The Fishing Monument is located approximately 1/4 mile upstream from maximum lake level. Fly and Spin anglers-same as below.  

Owens River (Benton Crossing Up):

LADWP Current Discharge Conditions; Single hook, Artificial, Barbless from Bridge to Big Spring.
Fly Anglers: Yellow Sallie or small yellow stimulator patterns while the water is high. Elk Hair, and EC Caddis, BWOs, Brassies, Pheasant Tails, Prince nymphs 
Rapala, Rooster tail, Sierra Slammer worms

Rock Creek:

Fly Anglers: Copper Jons #16,18, Prince Nymphs #12, Caddis 16&18, Royal Humpys, Stimulators.
Spin & Bait: Rooster Tails, Panther Martins, Mepps, Trout Teasers and Salmon Eggs.

Rock Creek Lake:

Grab a Float Tube rental & pull a streamer to catch the hogs.
Fly Anglers:
Look for a mosquito hatch in the late afternoon.
Spin: Kastmasters, Thomas Bouyants, Super Dupers.
Bait: use inflated Night Crawlers, Garlic Powerbait, Power Worms, Mice Tails, Gulp Eggs, Garlic Infused Worms.

Rush Creek:

LADWP Current Discharge Conditions
Fly Anglers: Elkhair Caddis, Red and Yellow Humpy, Royal Wulff.
Spin & Bait: Small spinners likes Mepps, Panther, Martins, Roostertails, Super Dupers catching fish. For bait use Salmon Eggs and Worms.

Saddlebag Lake:

Troll: with Tasmanian Devils, Needle Fish, Rapalas and Thomas Bouyants.

San Joaquin River:

USGS Current Discharge Conditions
Fly Anglers: Hares Ears, Pheasant Tails, Hares Ear, Prince Nymph, Elk Hair Caddis, EWC Caddis and Parachute Adams, Stimulator 
Spin: use Trout Teasers, Roostertails, Mepps, Panther Martins.
Bait: use worms, salmon eggs.

Silver Lake:

Fly Anglers: Wooly Buggers.
Spin & BaitKastmasters, Thomas Bouyants, Power Worms, Power Eggs, Garlic Powerbait, Night Crawlers.

Sotcher Lake:

 Spin & Bait: Kastmasters, Thomas Bouyants,P anther Martins. Garlic Powerbait, Mice Tails, Power Worms, Garlic Infused Worms, Inflated Night Crawlers.

Twin Lakes (Bridgeport Area):

Troll: with Rapalas, Kastmasters, Needle Fish, Thomas Bouyants.
Bait: Inflated Night Crawlers and garlic Infused worms.

Twin Lakes (Mammoth Basin):

Fly Anglers: We suggest the mid and lower lakes try Wooly Buggers and Leeches.  
Spin & Bait: Try Roostertail, Mepps, Garlic Powerbait, Night Crawlers, Power Worms, Gulp Eggs, Garlic Infused Worms.

Virginia Lakes:

Spin: Kastmasters and Thomas Bouyants.
Bait Use Inflated Night Crawlers, Gulp Eggs, Power Worms, Garlic Power Bait, Garlic Infused Worms.