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Picking out a new pair of skis can be a daunting task or an exciting experience. To better sell you skis we learn about ours by skiing them. Our test team is comprised of a variety of skiers, both men and women, and also includes several certified instructors. After testing the skis we get together and decide which ones we are going to carry. This is the hard part. Everybody makes good skis these days, but we can only carry so many and we want the best and the most versatile. We have mainstay brands like Rossi, Volkl, and K2, but we are always on the lookout for rising stars such as Blizzard and Line.

Boots are the most important piece of ski gear period. There is no other single piece of equipment that will affect your experience on the slopes more than your boots. A poorly fit or inappropriate boot can cause pain, injury, fatigue, poor skiing stance, and smelly feet. OK, your feet are probably going to stink after a day on the slopes no matter what, but you get the idea. A good ski boot can be the difference between control all over the mountain, and feeling out of balance even on easy runs. The right ski boot can be the difference between sitting in the lodge while you friends are out having fun, and skiing strong all day.


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