Mammoth Mountain Snow Conditions 1-6-17

January 7, 2017

Today was a nothing less than epic on Mammoth Mountain. The top opened not long after 11 and as long as you avoided avalanche debris it was super fun. But the best snow was found mid mountain. Chairs 22, 5, and 3 were all open by mid morning and the snow kept getting better as it got cut up by skiers and buffed out by the wind. In fact the snow was just getting really good on mid mountain when the top opened and spread out the crowds.
My best turns of the day were in Christmas Bowl on chair 3 in perfect wind buff. Those turns at noon were much better than the first tracks in Roger’s Ridge three and a half hours earlier.

Wes Morrison
Ski Instructor at Mammoth Mountain
Kittredge Sports Buyer/Ski Testers