Nordic skiing is a great way to be in the outdoors. Whether getting your morning workout, or just walking the dog, the silence of the woods and the crisp mountain air rejuvenate and inspire.
Our selection of Nordic gear can be divided into two categories. Track skiing is what you do on a prepared surface like you find at Tamarack Lodge. Track skis are light, narrow, and do not have metal edges. They are meant to stride down the groove in the snow created by the grooming machine. The absolute maximum tip width allowed in the grooves is 70 mm, and the preference is 68 or narrower. Backcountry skis are wider, heavier, and have metal edges for additional control. These skis are the ticket for getting out in the woods, off the track, and into solitude. For both kinds of adventures we use waxless skis. These are skis with a fish scale textured area under the binding that slides forward but not backward. You still want to apply glide wax before skiing, but no klister (a.k.a. grip) wax is necessary. For our snow and weather conditions, waxless skis are efficient and easy to maintain.

Backcountry boots are taller, stiffer and heavier than track boots. Both use a form of NNN (New Nordic Norm) binding. The NNN BC is wider and heavier duty for control with backcountry skis and boots. NNN and NNN-BC are not interchangeable; you must match an NNN boot with an NNN binding.
We carry a full selection of Nordic skis, boots, poles, bindings and accessories. This includes gear from Alpina, Rossignol, and Maxi Glide.