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Our rental department is always well stocked with alpine skis, XC skis, snowboards, snowshoes, kid carriers, and various outdoor accessories. We also rent helmets. Click here to reserve your rentals online

Sport Ski - Volkl 7.4

      Sport Ski – Volkl 7.4

Sport Rental

The Kittredge Sport package is great for the recreational skier who is keeping it under warp speed and staying on mostly groomed runs. Our Volkl 7.4 is a user-friendly ski that likes shorter turns and is very forgiving. We carry three different brands of rental boots; Lange, Dalbello, and Rossignol, each having a different fit to accommodate a wider or narrower foot.


Performance Rental
Performance Package Ski - K2 iKonic 80ti

 Men’s Performance Ski – K2 iKonic 80ti

Our new men’s performance ski for 16/17 is the K2 iKonic 80ti. The 80ti is a versatile all mountain carver with a big sweet spot and very well balanced performance. It’s 80mm waist makes for quick edge to edge moves but is still wide enough to confidently explore off piste.  The ti stands for Titanal; a lightweight aluminum titanium

Women's Performance Ski - K2 Lovit

Women’s Performance Ski – K2 Lovit

alloy that gives the ski grip and power.  The iKonic 80ti is a true advanced/expert level ski that would be priced as a demo at any other shop. Here at Kittredge we rent it for $39 a day.

For the Ladies our new K2 Lovit 76 is a nimble and playful ski with plenty grip on hard snow.  It’s 76mm waist make it quick form edge to edge, but the 120mm shovel with tip rocker gives it more versatility than you expect. The Lovit has sidewall under foot for good edge hold and responsiveness.  Like the men’s iKonic, the Lovit 76 is an exceptional ski for a performance rental and a great value.


Demo Rental

Demoing skis is the best way to pick out your new sticks, or to get the best ride for the conditions at hand. Every ski on our wall is available for demo; the Blizzard Bonafide, Rossignol’s Soul 7 HD, the K2 Pinnacle 95, Armada’s Norwalk and too many others to list here. Checkout our ski wall for 18/19 and reserve your demos today!

Boots are by far the single most important piece of ski gear. If your feet are not comfortable, you are not having as much fun as you should be. Feet vary in volume, width, mobility and other criteria.  Our boot fitters can help you select the perfect fit and flex for your anatomy. We carry multiple models from Lange, Tecnica, Dalbello, K2 and Rossignol. All our demo boots have been upgraded with Superfeet footbeds for greater support and comfort.


Mix and Match Rentals

We can create a rental package that suits your needs. If you love the performance Lovit 76 ski, but want the fit of a demo boot, we can make that package for you. If you are happy in the rental boots, but want to upgrade to a nicer ski we can do that too. We are happy to mix and match gear from the three levels to meet your needs.


What does Kittredge Sports consider a Junior rental?

A junior ski/snowboard package applies to a renter who is 12 years old or younger AND their equipment sizes are within these ranges:
Ski: Boot size 6 or under. A ski up to 135cm.
Snowboard: Boot size 6 or under. A board up to 139cm.


The following DISCOUNTS can be applied to rentals everyday of the season. No Black Out days!


Click here to reserve your rentals online


2018-2019 Rental Prices

Sport Ski PKG $ 42.00 Demo Ski & Demo Boot Pkg $ 95.00
Sport Ski PKG 1/2 Day $ 32.00 Demo Ski & Demo Boot Pkg 1/2 $ 70.00
Sport Ski Demo Boot Pkg $ 65.00 Demo Ski Perf Boot Pkg $ 65.00
Sport Ski Demo Boot Pkg 1/2 Day $ 45.00 Demo Ski Perf Boot Pkg 1/2 Day $ 45.00
 Sport Ski Only  $ 32.00 Demo Ski Only $ 55.00
Sport Ski Only 1/2 Day $ 22.00 Demo Ski Only 1/2 Day $ 39.00
Demo Boot Only $ 50.00
Jr. Ski PKG $ 26.00 Demo Boot Only 1/2 Day $ 38.00
Jr. Ski PKG 1/2 Day  $ 18.00
Jr. Ski’s Only  $ 18.00 Perf. Ski & Boot Pkg $ 55.00
Jr. Ski’s Only 1/2 Day  $ 13.00 Perf. Ski & Boot Pkg 1/2 Day $ 43.00
 Jr. Ski Boots Only   $ 13.00 Perf. Ski Demo Boot PKG $ 75.00
Jr. Ski Boots Only 1/2 Day   $9.00 Perf. Ski Demo Boot Pkg 1/2 Day $ 65.00
Perf. Ski Only $ 43.00
Jr. Perf. Ski PKG $ 36.00 Perf. Ski Only 1/2 Day $ 30.00
Jr. Perf. Ski PKG 1/2 Day $ 25.00 Perf. Boot Only $ 22.00
Jr. Perf. Ski Only $ 26.00 Perf. Boot Only 1/2 Day $ 16.00
Jr. Perf. Ski Only 1/2 Day $ 18.00
Jr. Snowboard PKG   $ 26.00 Snowboard PKG  $ 42.00
Jr. Snowboard PKG 1/2 Day   $ 18.00 Snowboard PKG 1/2 Day  $ 32.00
 Jr. Snowboard Only  $ 18.00 Snowboard Only  $ 32.00
Jr. Snowboard Only 1/2 Day  $ 13.00 Snowboard Only 1/2 Day  $ 22.00
Jr. Snowboard Boot Only  $ 13.00 Snowboard Boot Only  $ 22.00
 Jr. Snowboard Boot Only 1/2 Day  $9.00  Snowboard Boot Only 1/2 Day  $ 16.00
XC PKG $ 26.00 Snow Shoe Only  $ 18.00
XC PKG 1/2 Day $ 18.00 Snow Shoe Only 1/2 Day $ 13.00
XC Ski Only $ 18.00
XC Ski Only 1/2 Day $ 14.00 Jr. XC Ski PKG 1/2 Day  $ 12.00
XC Boot Only $ 14.00 Jr. XC Ski PKG $ 18.00
 XC Boot Only 1/2 Day  $ 10.00
Rental Skin $ 10.00
Back Country PKG $ 33.00
Back Country PKG 1/2 Day $ 25.00 Jr. & Adult Poles Alpine $ 6.00
Back Country Ski Only $ 22.00 Cross Country Poles $ 7.00
Back Country Ski Only 1/2 Day $ 16.00 Jr. Helmet $ 10.00
Back Country Boot Only $ 18.00 Adult Helmet $ 14.00
 Back Country Boot Only 1/2 Day  $ 13.00
Local Disc. -20% (-50% Tue, Wed, Thur, non-holiday)