Overnight Ski Tunes and Repairs

The shop has the most modern ski & snowboard sensitive machines made. So why not treat yours skis to the ultimate tune.

The repair shop at Kittredge Sports is an integral part of our operation. We take great pride in the service we provide to our customers. We have over 100 years of combined experience in our repair shop. The vast majority of skis and bindings sold at Kittredge are subsequently tuned and mounted in our repair shop. Yes, it is convenient, but it also because of our reputation in the world of ski tuning excellence.

The new Wintersteiger edge machine allows us to determine a base and a side bevel by a tenth of a degree. The machine will operate at 2 speeds and 2 different pressures to eliminate marks on edges and achieve a precise polish. In addition, our new machine can apply the correct pressure to rocker skis so the edge is perfectly beveled from tip to tail.
The only machine of its kind on the west coast.Our new state of the art Montana has hundreds of different base structures from custom to event specific to manufacturer specific. There are only 4 in the country. You can achieve a new base structure for your skis, so they always feel like a brand-new pair. We have a constant flow of new ski mounts and tunes, plus we offer overnight ski tunes and repairs. We also keep every pair of rental skis tuned to ensure quick skis and quality rental equipment.

2019/20 Repair Prices

Mount Prices
Alpine System:  $65.00
Flat Skis:  $75.00
Tele & BC Mount:  $65.00
Nordic-BC:  $45.00
Re-mount:  ( add $10)

Tunes and Edge Work
New Ski/Snowboard Detail (includes iron wax and detune):   $30
Ski/Snowboard No P-Tex (includes structure, edge bevels, sidewalls, belt wax):   $60 (iron wax add $10)
Ski/Snowboard Tune (includes structure, edges bevel, sidewalls, minor p-tex & belt wax):   $70  (iron wax + $10)
Race Edge Sharpen (includes race structure, edge bevels, sidewalls, iron wax):   $89
Race Tune (includes race structure, edge bevels, sidewalls, minor p-tex & iron wax):   $99
Side Edge Only (includes set side edge bevels):   $30

Hot Wax Machine:   $12
Hot Wax Iron:   $25
Floro Wax: (add $10)
Deburr (wax not included): $15

Hot Box
One Cycle:   $39.00
Two Cycles: $69.00
Three Cycles:   $99.00

Other Services
Binding Adjustment:   $30.00
Rentals Adjustment (own skis):   $20.00
Misc Delam and base patch: $80 per hour
Welds $12 per inch